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Weber provided excellent flooring products for IKEA second chain store in Shanghai, China- Beicai branch.

IKEA, the retailing giant of home products wordwide, its second chain store of IKEA in Shanghai , China will be opened to the public in the summer of this year. The second store is located in Beicai town, sountheastern of Shanghai, adjacent to exit of Shanghai South Highway of Central Link.

Weber, China provides  reputable flooring products for the construction of Beicai branch. Floor4615 is used as the floor of a high shelf display area, which can bring customers superior applicability, especially flatness, and while offering simple perception of natural surface. In addition, Weber also offer structural support for floor of other regions, such as cold storage rooms and floor4320, so that we can ensure the smooth realization of flooring design.

In the planning stage, Becai, IKEA store was designed to be a environmentally friendly testing store. And the concept was reflected in a number of sub-products during the construction process, such as air-conditioning systems and hot water systems. Therefore, choosing Weber flooring products with strict environmental protection is the correct understanding of the concept.